Sam's GSB Toolkit is an ever-expanding series of testing tools for use by developers using the Google Safe Browsing API. It enables developers to test their programs against reccomended methods in the guide.

It currently uses phpGSB, an open-source PHP implementation I developed that caters for almost all of the Google Safe Browsing specification (apart from MAC integrity checks at the moment).

Sam's GSB Toolkit currently includes:

  • Manual URL lookups to check if a URL exists in the database.
  • Manual hash lookups to check if matches exist for a given hash.
  • A URL canonicalizer that meets Google's specifications.
  • Statistics on the toolkit's GSB database.

The URL lookup requires CAPTCHA entry every time you check a URL (to prevent bots from simply latching onto the service). If you require this then create a script that updates and lookup's from the Google Safe Browsing API service or use my PHP implementation.

These tools are always being added to and modified so if theres something that's not on here them don't hesitate to request it by contacting me!